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Immediate access

A call deposit is ideal for businesses that want to earn competitive interest while having control and immediate access to funds.

  • Minimum investment of R1 000 is needed.
  • Additional deposits and cash withdrawals are allowed at any time, giving you full control and flexibility.
  • Interest is earned daily and is linked to the prime interest rate, ensuring you get the maximum interest available on your deposit.
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Notice deposit

Maximise your interest return with an investment account that allows you access to your money after having given notice of seven or 32 days.

  • Get competitive and market-related interest rates.
  • Your deposit can be used as security for further funding, so you can earn interest while growing your business.
  • Fair and transparent pricing ensures you pay no monthly or transactional fees.
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Accessible fixed deposit

The Nedbank Stable Investment Deposit (SID) is a 6 or 12-month notice deposit account.

  • Your capital is protected and not exposed to market fluctuations.
  • You earn competitive interest rates typically associated with medium-to-long-term investments.
  • Flexible access to 10% or 20% of your money by giving us only 24 hours' notice. You pay no hidden costs or administration fees.
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Term deposit

Invest your funds into a fixed-term account for optimal interest earnings on your capital.

  • Interest rates are tiered according to your investment balance and the term selected, so you earn more interest if you deposit more funds for longer.
  • Interest can be paid out monthly, giving you funds throughout the term or at the end of the term, thereby growing your investment amount and earnings continuously.
  • Use your investment funds as security for any foreseeable lending needs to help grow your business while also earning interest.
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