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Corporate Saver

A user-friendly web-based administration system for intermediaries, such as attorney firms and property management agents who manage funds on behalf of their clients.

  • The system is fully automated and accessible online.
  • The system enables you to conduct investment-related transactions with Nedbank's full range of individual investment products that offer your investors the benefit of increased interest yields.
  • A dedicated service and support team are at your disposal.
  • Streamlined processes prevent delays with opening, closing or maintaining accounts.
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Interest-bearing current and investment accounts specifically designed for entities who must, by law, hold their clients’ funds in an independent account.

  • These accounts are fully compliant with the requirements of relevant acts.
  • Competitive interest rates apply across these account offerings.
  • NedTrust accounts can be linked to your electronic banking profile.
  • Various value-added services are available to help you manage your day-to-day operations efficiently and identify unauthorised activities on your account.
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