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Set up shop in 8 easy steps

Take your high-level concept and turn it into a solid business plan. If you want to start your dream business, test your business idea, formalise a side hustle or simply find an alternative income stream, this is the place to get your business up and running quickly.

The Essential Guide for Small Business-owners

Your guide to business essentials

The Essential Guide for Small-business Owners touches on some of the fundamental decisions every business owner faces. This will help you to be better prepared for your engagements with the bank and avoid common mistakes when setting up your business.

Business registration services

Business registrations services

To register a company with up to three owners (SA citizens) we recommend using the CIPC online BizPortal service.


For help with more complex registrations, other registration-related services or hands-on support, we can put you in touch with SwiftReg, a third-party service provider. Speak to one of our small business bankers. 

MoneyTracker from Nedbank


Want to see where your money is going? Track your finances, set budgets, create and manage invoices, and more with MoneyTracker – a free money management tool available on the Money app and Online Banking.


Go to the Money app or Online Banking to get started.

MoneyTracker from Nedbank

Avo Business

Sell your products and services on Avo, Nedbank’s ecommerce platform with over one million registered users. Simply open an Avo merchant account, create your product catalogue and start selling.