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Make sure you have a compatible smartphone. Tap on Phone works on Google-compatible, NFC-enabled Android smartphones with OS 9.0 or later only. Some exceptions may apply if the hardware is not compatible even though the OS meets the required standards.

If Apple allows third parties to progress development for tap on phone, we will be able to do so.

You can still use your PocketPOS card acceptance device, but you now also have the option to accept card payments with the tap-on-phone feature in the PocketPOS app and a compatible smartphone.

There are no additional costs for these new features. The usual costs apply if you have an existing PocketPOS device, as do data costs and the merchant service commission.

You can accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express Cards from any bank, as long as the cardholder has enabled their cards for contactless transactions.

Tap on phone does not restrict you to a transaction limit. This means you can accept transactions for any amount. The app will ask for a PIN if the transaction amount exceeds the cardholder’s verification limit. They can then enter their PIN safely and securely on your phone.

The PocketPOS app is a certified, secure app. It is safe for the cardholder to enter their card PIN in the PocketPOS app when asked to do so. The PIN is encrypted and is not accessible to anyone.

You can contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966, between  07:00 and 21:00, on any day.